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C4 1.6HDI ABS Bleeding

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Sun Jul 05 2020, 03:44pm
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Joined: Jun 24 2020
Location: Cornwall
Hi I am fairly new to Citroen cars and am having problems bleeding my abs system. I have many years experience working on cars from servicing to replacing engines.

Given car by sister with failed starter motor and dead battery, eventually sorted just time consuming. Thought I would sort out brakes, but rear pistons wouldn't wind back in and in process broke a brake pipe and associated loss of fluid. Changed rear pipe and stripped and sorted both rear calipers. Problem started when trying to bleed usual one man system and using autocom and my vident 702pro diagnostics.

The bleeding of the abs on both machines are Rear LH, then Front LH, then Front RH and finally Rear RH. This is a different sequence than the normal bleeding sequence. But I didn't have a pressure bleeder when I first attempted to bleed the abs, which I have now bought. But when bleeding without the pressure bleeder using autocom both lefthand calipers did not actuate the abs pump, but when bleeding the righthand calipers did. Unfortunately the vident 702pro wouldn't get passed the first caliper as you need to follow the sequence unlike the autocom where you an select each caliper separately.

Unfortunately when trying to bleed the abs system with the pressure bleeder and my vident 702pro I couldn't get passed the front righthand caliper as the battery was drained sufficiently. But what I noticed was that when bleeding both lefthand calipers the timing given for the process was 25 seconds and there was no noise from the abs pump. But as per my scream prompt it stated to keep the bleed nipple open, which I did, until air bubbles stop coming. But when starting the front right hand bleeding it stated the process would take 99 seconds and when started the abs unit started to pump. I am expecting the right hand rear would do the same if the battery had enough charge.

My first question is it correct that if using the PSA diagnostics to bleed the abs it is the same sequence as both the autocom and the vident 702pro - LHR, LHF, RHF & RHR?

The second question is it also correct that the abs pump only actuates on both right hand nipples and not on the left hand nipples for bleeding?

The third question is if using the PSA diagnostics and the abs pump is actuated on all four bleed screws then any ideas whats up with my abs pump?

Hopefully I haven't confused anybody!!!!
Mon Jul 06 2020, 01:25am
Member No: #1731
Joined: Dec 15 2007
Location: Walsall West Midlands
Just a thought. If you are using a Vident pro to open up the ABS blocks the software may be inadequate. PSA software such as Lexia or Diagbox is usually required to complete the bleeding process.
Mon Jul 06 2020, 03:43am
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Usual two man method works best, one at the caliper, on one the pedal.
Tue Jul 07 2020, 12:39pm
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Joined: Jun 24 2020
Location: Cornwall
Thanks very much for your answers. My main question is to someone who has experience of bleeding abs on these cars. The hope was that somebody could confirm if when using the PSA diagnostics the abs only pulsed on the right hand bleed screws? Off in a minute to have another go after buying shares in a brake fluid supplier!
Tue Jul 07 2020, 04:32pm
Member No: #56321
Joined: Jun 24 2020
Location: Cornwall
Thanks very much for your answers.

Retried again now battery fully charged and I actually pressurised the Sealey Self Bleeder to the correct pressure. So now abs system nicely bled and brakes all nice and firm.

So my autocom and vident 702pro worked well bleeding the abs. The only difference is that the vident 702 pro you have to go through the bleed cycle, with the autocom you can select individually the circuit you want to bleed.

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