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C4 2010 VTR+ 1.6D - Turbo issue or something else?

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Tue Jun 30 2020, 08:59am
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2010 VTR+ 1.6 diesel. Automatic. 88,000 miles.

I've had this car 5 years and despite its nuances have grown to enjoy it a lot. Sadly, in the last 6 months its gradually lost the power from the turbo and now feels horrible to drive because its so weak.

The car used to pull heavy at 2000rpm, but then at 2200.. then 2500.. then 3000rpm. After about a month I barely noticed a pull at all. If it exists... its at 3500rpm+ and only in the low gears. Nothing in gears 5 or 6.

Very rarely, once a week perhaps, it feels like it pulls well again... for maybe 60-70% of the turbo power I remember from before. But never 100% what it used to be. Its been like this for a few months now.

I took it to a Citreon Dealership and they assessed the car and said it needed a new Cambelt (due to its age) and the symptoms were in keeping of a worn cluth - which I just dont believe. I took it to an independent garage and they said the clutch was ok but the gearbox was sluggish and didnt downshift early enough - but they couldnt appreciate that I was saying the car is weaker than normal and I didnt used to need to shift down - it would pull just fine!

So yea, im a bit stuck. I dont feel the problem has been correctly identified and im even less confident now the two garages had different opinions on twhat the issue was.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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