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Any way to correct trip counter?

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Thu Jun 25 2020, 12:14pm
Member No: #55739
Joined: Mar 05 2020
Location: NW, UK
So as the subject implies my trip counter is wildly inaccurate, the attached photo shows the statistics for a tank of fuel. The MPG figure looks quite impressive!

Until I did the calculation... It was actually 52. So my question is; is there any way to offset or correct this calculation in diagbox, lexia or another way? Or is this just something I'll have to get used to?

I've had the car about 6 months and this has been the case every tank really.

Edit: it appears I'm unable to post photos, the statistics were: 672 miles, 64.1mpg, 35mph.
Thu Jun 25 2020, 12:26pm
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
No simple way, I doubt whether it can be done in Diagbox. I have a C3 which indicates mid 60s, and in reality it is high 50s.
Thu Jun 25 2020, 01:47pm
Member No: #55739
Joined: Mar 05 2020
Location: NW, UK
I guess I'll just have to subtract 12 from whatever figure it gives me then!
Fri Jun 26 2020, 02:44am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
Was the mileage correct?
Fri Jun 26 2020, 02:53am
Member No: #55739
Joined: Mar 05 2020
Location: NW, UK
That's hard to say really, it matched up with my trip counter on the screen above it. But other than that I have no way of recording mileage.

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