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C4 Grand Picasso, Semi auto Actuator +ECU

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Tue Jun 23 2020, 02:31am
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Joined: Jun 23 2020
Location: La Marina
Hi Guys, information needed, My 2010 C4 Grand Picasso has developed a problem. Start the car in Neutral, no problem. but can not put it into Gear A1. The engine management warning tells me " fault in Gearbox". It also bleeps occasionally while im driving ,but no probems.
It will go into reverse ,no problems. But it is only intermittent when trying A1,,especially in wet weather. to get it into A1 i have to roll the car forward a couple of yards, and it drops strait in.so i make sure i park on a slope
could this be a problem with the Actuator, ECU or gearbox. Been to dealer they say its think it's the Actuator, but they want over £2000 to fix
When looking for a used Actuator +ECU i can't find the same part number as on my Magnet Marelle. the number on my Actuator is 9666161780. there are lots of different numbers, 9664965580,9678905780 and so forth. Will any of these numbers fit my car.
When buying used, Some are advertised as Semi Auto Gearbox Actuator+ECU, or do i go for the Actuator +ECU, which is a smaller part.
sorry to be a pain.
Thanks for your time guys.
Sat Jun 27 2020, 12:34pm
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Location: London
Check the earth cable that runs from the negative of the battery to the top of the gearbox, it’s secured to the gearbox with a 13mm bolt, mine came loose and drove me mad. Clean both ends an make sure they’re tight, cured mine for free.

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