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Heater blower fan fuse?

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Sat Jun 20 2020, 03:29pm
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Joined: May 16 2015
Location: Chester
Hi all, went for a drive today and wanted a little cool air from the vents and noticed the blower fan has stopped working. Pretty sure it was OK yesterday. Touch screen controls seem to be working fine and the small rear seat fans are working. Anyway the blower fuse isn't listed in the handbook and the glove box fuse box is a pig to look into, anyone know what fuse number I should look for, before I have to try and test them all. Thanks.

2015 C4 GP exclusive 1.6 hdi egs
Fri Jun 26 2020, 03:24pm
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Joined: May 16 2015
Location: Chester
Hi all, here's an update of what I found so far. There doesn't seem much info out there for the B78 so far. So anyway going on previous posts for the previous model I took a chance that the blower was in about the same place, and as it happens it is, next to the steering column drivers side. Trim was not too bad to remove to find the blower, anyway removed the plug and tested for voltage and variable volts found at plug when operating touch screen, so removed blower ( 1 bolt at a twist out of casing) and found water had got inside during a couple of really downpours. Fan turned Ok by hand, but brushed appeared stuck when spring removed, so gave it a quick strip down and clean and fortunately once put back inside car is working fine.
One point, unlike the previous model the motor resistor control module is not located on the fan, this would have been my next place to test, but as such didn't need to, haven't found it yet
Fri Jun 26 2020, 07:31pm
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The cause of the water ingress is probably due to blocked drains at each side of the scuttle at the base of the windscreen. You need to loosen or remove the wheel arch liner on each side of the car where you will find a rubber spout in the corner of the scuttle, this will be blocked with leaves and debris, unblock them both and watch for the water coming out.
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 Rusky68 (10 Jul 2020 : 08:10)
Fri Jul 10 2020, 08:13am
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Location: Chester
Managed to get to the spouts, after a fight with a rather tight TORX screw and yes lots of water came out. Thanks.
Fri Jan 01 2021, 04:26pm
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Joined: Jan 01 2021
Location: Milan
Hi! I am trying to understand if I have the same problem described by Rusky68 on my C4 Gran Picasso 2016.

This is what happened: a month ago the sound of the fan was a little strange...it was not linear as usual. At a certain point, the fan stopped working.

The strange thing is that the air (hot/cold) comes out from the air vents with no force...so I suppose that the problem is only on the fan.

Another thing is that sometimes magically the fan works.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Tue Jan 19 2021, 07:21am
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Joined: Jan 19 2021
Location: Scotland
Have a 2005 c4 hatchback auto dual climate blowers not working fuse is ok tested fan its fine trying to locate heater resistor any help appreciated
Thu Jan 28 2021, 09:33am
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Joined: Jan 28 2021
Location: Chester-le-street
Scott wrote ...

Have a 2005 c4 hatchback auto dual climate blowers not working fuse is ok tested fan its fine trying to locate heater resistor any help appreciated

The heater resistor is located in the passenger side foot well. Set pretty far back and towards the middle of the car (inline with the gearstick)
Thu Jan 20 2022, 05:34am
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Joined: Jan 17 2022
Location: Tyne/wear england
Hi new to forum, daughters C4 VTR+HDI 91 diesel 2012 Blower does not work on any setting ,it does work with direct feed from battery when I removed it, new resistor purchased and fitted, still not working, I can't find fuse mentioned in other posts, think different model/year, any help much appreciated, thanks
Thu Jan 20 2022, 06:08am
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Location: Scotland
On the DS4, the heater fuse is one of those hidden on the battery terminal.
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 Sam117 (20 Jan 2022 : 06:30)
Fri Jan 21 2022, 05:43am
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Joined: Jan 17 2022
Location: Tyne/wear england
Connections to heater resistor
Red and black which goes to blower motor, no voltage or ground on them
Brown 12volts coming into resistor
Two thin A.C. Wires ac push lights up
Green/Yellow earth/ground
Is there any other components to check,
Tempted to direct feed blower 12v via inline 30amp fuse and rated cable and switch ,not sure if could cause future problems

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