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Alarm sounds after battery change Grand Picasso 2015

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Author Post
Wed May 06 2020, 01:01pm
Member No: #54953
Joined: Nov 04 2019
Location: Chorley
Alarm sounds when locking Citroen 2015 Grand Picasso after battery change. Seen some info but no definitive fix. Tried the one bonnet and drivers window, wait 3 min, disconnect battery for 15 sec, reconnect, wait 10 sec, turn lights on through window, ignition on and press lock key for 10 sec, open/close door, try central locking, then start engine but not worked. Thanks for any info.
Fri May 22 2020, 01:27pm
Member No: #54953
Joined: Nov 04 2019
Location: Chorley
Seem to have fixed this by trial and error.

1 Lock car with key fob - alarm sounds
2 Open door with key - alarm still sounds
3 Put key in ignition and switch on ignition - alarm stops
4 Remove key and lock car with key fob

Please reply to post if this works for anybody else

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