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Phone Holder Recommendation for C4 Hatch MK1 (2007)

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Author Post
Fri May 01 2020, 05:01am
Member No: #49114
Joined: Aug 05 2017
Location: Milton Keynes
It's time I got a phone holder for my C4 hatch MK1, but I don't see an obviously elegant and convenient location for one.

Does anyone have any nice pictures showing convenient locations ?

I have searched, without much success.
Fri May 01 2020, 06:29am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I had a Brodit in mine.

Something like this: - Click Here -

There are other brackets for other locations around the dash. It wasn't cheap.
Sun May 03 2020, 07:50am
Member No: #49114
Joined: Aug 05 2017
Location: Milton Keynes
Thanks. That's given me a few ideas & I might just combine a home made bracket with a purchased holder.
Sat May 09 2020, 12:27pm
Member No: #32746
Joined: Oct 06 2013
Location: Exeter
I use the flip-down lid for the little cubby hole under the centre LCD. I stuck some rubber u-channel to the back of it and when the lid is down, it's the perfect place for my phone.

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