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Grand Picasso coilover kit or shocks to suit lowered springs??

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Sun Apr 05 2020, 10:39am
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I've been looking for a coilover kit to suit my 2012 Berlingo B9 van, and recently realised that the reason the C4 / 307 kits are no use for the van is that it's based in the C4GP platform, not the regular C4. The rear shocks are double eyelet (ferrules at each end) unlike the C4 ones with a pin top - but are the same as the C4GP. The front sets fit from both cars but not the rears.

Anyone seen a full coilover kit for the GP or a suitable shortened set of shocks (for GP) to suit lowering springs? With lowering springs fitted to the B9 vans from the standard C4 kit, the standard shocks are too long and the springs have no preload (fall out easily when jacked up etc)

I had hoped GP owners on the forum had successfully lowered their GP and I could use the same parts to drop the van. Any info or pointers to products appreciated!
Mon Apr 06 2020, 10:11am
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Joined: Apr 05 2020
Location: Oop Norf
Well, not much news yet, though from digging I have established the following info:

Monroe make a shock of the following dimensions

P/N 42054 LMin 239 mm LMax 314 mm Pin Dia 12.1 mm

Now this would technically fit the van rear (and C4GP) and is much shorter than the standard shock which is 379mm long (If my memory serves me). And guess what its for.....the Cit Xsara and Pug 306. The pin (mounting bolt) diameter is the same as the B9 van & C4GP at 12.1mm

Equivalents to this one are:

AL-KO: 1098G
BOGE: 27-865-0
GABRIEL: 42814
KYB: 241008
MAPCO: 20307
SACHS: 110 624

So, it seems Citroen in their wisdom, made the B9 a copy of the Grand Picasso which has the rear end of a Xsara (shock fittings anyway) and the front end of a C4. That is why there is no one kit that fits either the C4GP or the B9. You would have to fit the standard C4 / 307 lowering kit and use gas or standard rear shocks from a 306 / Xsara

I even tried contacting coilover manufacturers on the basis of "I need a coilover kit for a Grand Picasso" as it's likely a van would not usually have much support on that front....but they all came back saying "sorry we do not make a kit for that vehicle"

Before anyone points out that the 306 (Xsara?) has a torsion bar setup, I know, but it still has shocks. The problem with fitting low springs to the rear of the B9 and by extension the C4GP, is the shocks as standard are so long, the lowered springs have no preload and rattle or can actually fall out if not under preload when installed.

It just looks to me that the shorter shocks solve this problem, allowing C4 coilovers or 307 lowering springs to be fitted at last with no issues.
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 BigJohnD (06 Apr 2020 : 13:46)
Tue Apr 28 2020, 07:56am
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Location: Oop Norf
Well after speaking to a few guys who have lowered their Berlingo B9, and by association would work on the C4GP, the 307 / C4 coilover kit, or lowering springs can be safely fitted with the original rear shocks left in place (or renewed for standard / gas jobs) and the springs do not fall out at all. This is seems, was an internet myth.

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