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EPB dying? Clunking noise and now ESP/ASR + Faulty Hand brake warnings

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Sun Mar 01 2020, 05:25pm
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Joined: Apr 12 2018
Location: Kent
Hi everyone,

I've got about 6 weeks until the MOT is due on my 2009 C4GP (Petrol, manual) only 84K miles on the clock. Cambelt + battery + ignition coils replaced 2 years ago when we bought it.

About 2 or 3 months ago when parking up at home there was a sudden 'clunking' noise when the parking brake was engaging (can't remember if it was engaged automatically or if I had activated the parking brake). Instantly the dash lit up and has been this way ever since. Also, since then, when the parking brake is engaging, it's achingly slow most times, as if the mechanism is no longer up to it.
The brakes themselves have been working fine, hence my allowing Christmas, New Year and self-assessment tax return to get in the way before attempting to sort this!!!

The only time we might not get error warnings is if we park the car in gear and avoid the parking brake altogether: the next time we use the car the error lights won't show until the parking brake is activated.

I've been doing some reading today in the hope I can find out what's going on (have also worked on getting rid of the airbag/pre-tensioner error which has been there for ages...success on that front, so not a completely wasted day). I haven't read any accounts from people where they've had a one-off weird noise and then a consistent set of error warnings and weak sounding mechanism.

Is this a case of the EPB under the front passenger seat needing replacing? Have read on here that this is likely to cost up to £1000 ... this is definitely out of our price range!

ANY IDEAS / EXPERIENCES / ADVICE huuuugely appreciated!

Tried using my cheapo wifi OBDII scanner + Android App but it shows absolutely no errors. This evening I have ordered an Autel Maxilink ML329 from Amazon, so fingers crossed this will give me some reliable error info so I can understand what's going on.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sun Mar 01 2020, 05:29pm
Member No: #50934
Joined: Apr 12 2018
Location: Kent
tried adding this image, but was in wrong file format - apologies!
Please see attached for error readout (bulb and airbag erors have been sorted!)

Thu Mar 05 2020, 01:43am
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Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
Do you know anyone with Lexia/Diagbox? It should tell you exactly what the problem is and you can also use it to recalibrate the handbrake. Where did the noise come from? A visual inspection might turn up something. Last year I had to replace the button on the dash (about £60 from the dealer) and I replaced all the handbrake cables for the recent MoT. This involved removing the passenger seat to get to the actuator. I documented this in one of my YouTube vidoes.

As I've been writing this, I'm wondering if the cable has failed in some way. It could explain the noise and the slow engagement. I'd be inclined to start investigating the actuator first. The footbrake is working so it won't be a problem with the rear calipers. There are 3 handbrake cables. 2 for the left and right sides and the main cable which runs from the actuator to the mechanism on the rear beam. You can find my YouTube video documenting the handbrake cable replacement below.
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