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Turbo solenoid location

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Sat Feb 22 2020, 01:10pm
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Joined: Feb 22 2020
Location: Norwich
Hello, as you can see I'm a new member and will probably be a one hit wonder so I apologise in advance for that.

I've had my 1.6hdi 2007 Grand Picasso for a few weeks now and have finally figured out why its low on power. I've searched this forum endlessly and found a lot of helpful information so thanks for that.

Anyhow onto the problem. The wastegate, is constantly stuck open. I've tested the actual gate to make sure there is a vacuum which there is so that only leaves the turbo solenoid or the pipe that goes from the solenoid to the wastgate.

Could any of you help me find the solenoid or ideally have a photo of its location as the pipe looks like it disappears into the middle of the engine.

I found a picture on a Peugeot forum and it appears to be underneath the air filter box and best accessed from underneath. Could anyone confirm this.

Many thanks.
Mon Feb 24 2020, 02:47am
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Joined: Dec 21 2015
Location: Glasgow
The solenoid is behind the engine on the block. I changed mine from below. A bit fiddly but not too bad. Part was about £65 from ebay I think. Do a rough sketch of where all the hoses go before you remove them.

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