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Turbo to exhaust V-clamp smoke leak C4 2005 1.6HDi

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Fri Feb 14 2020, 07:25am
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Hello guys,

I am wondering if anyone could assist/consult.

My C4 (2005 1.6HDi) lost it's power recently. I've noticed a smoke residue under the bonnet so I searched for the source and found out that it is where the turbo exhaust side is mounted to the rest of the exhaust. I am not sure if this could be linked to the power loss or elsewhere.

I've also noticed that when reving the engine, the pipe which goes from intercooler to the engine is sucking in - like there is a vacuum in that pipe ?? ??. So I've checked the turbine how it spins - it spins very easily, with tiny wobble and no wall touching, also revs up when engine revs up. Other things I've noticed, when reving the engine the actuator doesn't move, but I am not sure whether it is supposed to move when there is no load on the engine?
So I am just asking if some would know what could be the root cause?

The clamp? - probably not?
Faulty Actuator?
Faulty Selenoid?
Faulty Turbo? - hope not
Faulty something else?

Car has antipolution fault for a long time, but I've read that is common thing.
ECU reports no other errors - scanned with China Town Bluetooth OBDII thingy and Torque Pro though.

Thank you so much

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