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Wet floor on driver side RHD C4 Hatchback 2006

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Mon Jan 20 2020, 02:03pm
Member No: #43180
Joined: Jan 04 2016
Location: Ireland
That's the issue I'm in Ireland and it's a UK diesel car with 120,000km or ~75000 miles on it. I googled this and found

1. The drain from the air conditioning blocks. Checked it, and it's clean.

2. There's some drain for the windscreen runoff is supposed to run down behind a cover in the wheel arch. We checked both wheel arches, and it isn't there on either one. Where is that on the 2006 model

I'm kind of out of ideas now. I did bring it to a citroen dealer and another garage but neither could find the issue. We heard waffle about leaves, seals, etc but all that stuff is fine. It's a clean low mileage car.
Tue Jan 21 2020, 03:16pm
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Location: Hove
How wet? Is it only wet after rain?

Are there any rectangular holes in the wheel arch? the rubber tubes have flaps that block so they sometimes get removed altogether.

Is the drain pipe for the air con attached at the top?
Wed Jan 22 2020, 04:26am
Member No: #43180
Joined: Jan 04 2016
Location: Ireland
The floor isn't only wet after rain, it seems wet continually. That said, it rains pretty continually in Irish winter. It's hard to be sure. It does definitely dry out some.

I was a Motorcycle mechanic in my youth and fixed my own cars as the skills are fairly transferable. But I'm disabled now. My son did the work, armed with 3 youtube videos; he didn't find either tube under the wheel arch, and eliminated the internal one. The air con tube was dry and clear. He's smart enough.
We can't find the wheel arch drains, and need to follow them down from the top, I suppose. He came away feeling it was something weird with this particular model. We saw two ways Citroen did the wheel arch drains, and we can't say which way it was done in our car.
Wed Jan 22 2020, 11:00am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
What you describe is consistent with a blocked A/C drain.

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Thu Jan 23 2020, 04:08am
Member No: #43180
Joined: Jan 04 2016
Location: Ireland
OK - thanks. Passed it on, (all I can do) and it's nice to have a firm diagnosis. If I get success/failure, I'll post results.

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