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Bonnet Stay/Support Rod Shape?

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Sat Jan 18 2020, 05:28pm
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I wonder if someone could post a picture of the bonnet support rod for a 2006 C4 Hatch?

Last night I had to charge the battery from complete zero after the car neglected to switch off the radiator fan - wife didn't notice the noise as she walked away from the car two days ago. I could have sworn the support rod was straight. I left instructions for her at midnight on how to disconnect the charger before she left this morning, at 6AM. At 5AM she woke me up to ask me to close the bonnet - apparently that's a "boy job".

So I dragged myself out to the garage & noticed a pronounced 'S' bend in the rod. I could have sworn it was straight last night. I suspect that she has simply tried to pull the bonnet closed with the rod still in place.

Am I dreaming?
Is the rod straight or curved?
Sun Jan 19 2020, 02:16am
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I have a 2008 VTR and the bonnet stay is straight. Looks like your partner did try and close the bonnet rather heavily without detaching the stay from its attachment point.

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