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Exclusive+ C4 dual climate control failure

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Sat Jan 18 2020, 07:55am
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Joined: Feb 14 2018
Location: Hants
Our 66 plate ventilation has failed it works intermittently but usually not at all. the touchscreen control all change when you change them but nothing happen. Sometimes when I power cycle the car the main blower works for a while then stops. This must have happened to late C4s and be a known issue. Suspect AC control unit possible a small plug in unit on the blower cost £100 or the engine bay fuse box where the 30A fuse resides but don't know when a fuse box is swapped whether there is reprogramming to do. Because it works intermittently the fuse is ok the blower is likely ok its just the dual climate control. I looked in the passage foot well for the blower but couldn't find it. Suspect the glove box has to come out not easy to see how it removes. Any ideas?
Sat Feb 29 2020, 05:05am
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Joined: May 28 2015
Location: Malaysia

I been having the same issues and still diagnosing the fault.

To access the blower motor and the AC resistor, you will need to remove the glovebox, 5 torx screws, the bottom panel is just 3 push buton clips.

you can then test if there is intermittent power going to the motor, if power is intermittent, its the resistor, 6441AF, if there i constant power going to the motor but motor doesn't spin, its the motor needs to be replaced due to carbon of the motor is gone.

I am not sure how to remove the blower motor from the AC unit as its very tight underneath behind the dash. If you do have any pointers please share. Been 2 weeks and my blower works intermittent and I have yet to find the fault


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