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Indirect Tyre Pressure monitoring System (iTPMS)

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Mon Jan 13 2020, 01:27am
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Location: Cardiff
Anybody know the tolerance of the iTPMS fitted the C4GP?

The reason I ask, is would the fitting of a new tyre, say after tyre damage, and the other tyres were, say 50% worn, trigger the system?

As I understand it, the system only triggers when one tyre is out of rotational syncronisation with the other 3.

So far, I've only changed tyres in pairs, so there has not been a problem. But a new tyre, after tyre damage, is a distinct possibility.

So, has anyone replaced just one tyre and did it cause a problem?

I've come across this report on iTPMS - Click Here - I wonder if our system is the same?
Mon Jan 13 2020, 03:21am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
The only experience I have is temporarily fitting the spare. That triggers the alarm, but you re-set it via the touchscreen (from memory, engine on but not driving, or do you press and hold as you go along ... it was easy and appears under the car settings menu). It then remembers the relative rotation of the wheels until next time you change something.

As far as I know it looks out for change rather than absolute values, others might have experience of your exact situation and be able to add more.

The report you link to seems to have an agenda and is simplistic. It reviews ITPMS and is critical of it, but does not do a comparative test of direct TPMS which has different but equally concerning failures and which can cost owners a lot of money as cars age. ITPMS and a dose of common sense seems better than nothing.

ITPMS won't detect all tyres being equally soft, but we are supposed to check these things for ourselves. It will detect a sudden marked deflation of one tyre in most circumstances, which is what it is there for. Remember for the tests they had to deflate the tyre before starting to drive, it doesn't test what happens during a journey because with a standard vehicle there is no way to change pressures whilst moving.

I had a hire car in the states with early TPMS, picked it up at 5000 ft in Denver, highest point in trip was 12,500 ft in Rocky Mts, lowest was -250ft in death Valley, temperatures ranged from +40C to -5C, TPMS moaned at me just about every day. ITPMS wouldn't have. Ended up over inflating the tyres just to make it shut up.

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 wunny (13 Jan 2020 : 14:13)
Sun Jun 14 2020, 08:39am
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Tolerance seems to be quite a lot, had a slow puncture on mine, tyre felt soft while driving before the alert went off, I'd say pressure difference was roughly 10psi

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