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C4 1.6 vti misfire

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Fri Jan 10 2020, 11:13am
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Joined: Nov 13 2018
Location: London
Hello everyone

I've bought a c4 1.6vti 2011. It had a misfire in cylinder one. I've changed all 4 plugs and coil in cylinder one. It got a a lot better, but when on idle it still feels and sounds quite rough.
It drivers perfectly fine, only when stationary there seems to be an issue.
I've cleared the codes, but after every cold start, code p1337 comes on, which I believe is misfire in cylinder 1 again.

Could someone advice what else it could be?

Also I have a car scanner tool, it seems to have issues connecting to the engine ECU , but it's probably because it's from ebay? Or should it still connect

Fri Jan 10 2020, 12:26pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
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