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C4 Picasso 2009 "brake sensor pressure fault

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Author Post
Thu Jan 09 2020, 06:31pm
Member No: #54198
Joined: Jul 21 2019
Location: Ireland
"brake sensor pressure fault)

Whenever I starred the car messages appear in the dashboard ( parking break faulty, Abs, Eps. And parking brake switch not worked when I press to release only automated. I change the parking brake switch and still the problem exist. I went to the garage today they diagnosed with computer and told me (brake pressure sensor faulty) and they don't know how to fix... any solutions?
Fri Jan 10 2020, 02:25am
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Do you know what fault codes were present?
Fri Jan 10 2020, 07:58am
Member No: #54198
Joined: Jul 21 2019
Location: Ireland
Thank your Rusky for the reply, No the garage didn't provide the code
Fri Jan 10 2020, 12:45pm
Member No: #54198
Joined: Jul 21 2019
Location: Ireland
I went to the garage again for the code
His diagnostic device does not give a code only the follwoing: (
-Brake pressure sensor
-Open circuit or shorcut to B+/GND '
-Pemianent )

The garage said maybe the fault code is C1301 or C1302.
Just to mention if I press the brake padel the brake lighting is working without any issue.
I look forward to hearing back from you

Thu Mar 26 2020, 07:33am
Member No: #55850
Joined: Mar 26 2020
Location: Dorset
Hi Hasm, did you get this resolved as i have the same problem? thanks

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