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Axel stand postions

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Sun Dec 29 2019, 10:53am
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Joined: Oct 22 2012
Location: Somerset
I have searched and searched but there does not seem to be any post to answer the many questions of where to put axle stands.

Many posts have "I put them where the jacking points are", A bit of a strange answer as there is a jack there, unless they mean, "jack up the car at the jacking point. Put it back down again. Remove the jack and put an axle stand at the jacking point with the car back down".

So does anyone know where to put axels stands, front and back to get all four wheels off the ground, I want to go under the car. Pictures are good.


Sun Dec 29 2019, 04:41pm
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Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
I usually go for the subframe mounting points when in doubt, they tend to be pretty beefy points on most cars.

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