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Adblue Cap - Is this the right one?

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Tue Dec 24 2019, 02:25pm
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Joined: Dec 08 2019
Location: Lancashire

Picked up a 2015 2.0 BlueHDI a few days ago. Reading through the forum and saw issues with caps, leading to pump failures so thought best to check. This appears to have a vent, just wondering if someone can confirm if this is the right one?

- Click Here -

...hope the photo shows.


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Tue Dec 24 2019, 03:13pm
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Location: Dorset
Sorry, no photo showing. You cannot post a picture unless you are a premier member. You can upload it to a hosting site like Flickr and cut and paste a link.

There have been many issues with the Adblue tank and there has been a recall to replace caps; however, I don't recall that the cap was the cause of the failures, it may be coincidental.
Tue Dec 24 2019, 03:43pm
Member No: #55162
Joined: Dec 08 2019
Location: Lancashire
Thanks for your reply.

It may well be coincidental, I guess the later cap would indicate that it's been changed. Other sources have suggested that the old cap didn't vent and as such caused stress on the pump, but I'm new to this so am just finding info out

Whilst here, do you know of any way that I can find the build spec of thr car as it's a 2015 Exclusive+ which seems to be a bit of this, bit of that in terms of kit and so on.

On the image front. I've just created a Flickr account and updated the original thread which previously had an embedded Google image - guess that doesn't show either. Not sure if the Flickr one is showing so have added a url too
Wed Dec 25 2019, 02:16pm
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Location: Nitra
Yes, you have right one.. verified based on servicebox, you have RP part.. see pictures below:
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