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Tailgate questions C4GP 2007 Exclusive

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Thu Dec 05 2019, 04:01pm
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Joined: Oct 25 2019
Location: West Midlands
Hi Guys n Gals, got a couple of questions that you more experienced people may know the answer to please:
1: Is the tailgate supposed to lift itself on my model? - the handbook does mention it not specifically.
2: Are the gas struts supposed to lift the tailgate or just hold it up?
3: If mine isn't a powered lift is it much of a game to convert it?
I apologise if these seem dumb questions
Fri Dec 06 2019, 02:57am
Member No: #574
Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
No, the tailgate didn't lift on the early versions, The strut just hold it up. The powered version was introduced in 2013 with the B78 version. It is notoriously difficult to add anything electrical to these cars due to the canbus system used. The gas powered struts are much bigger diameter than standard ones, so I have no idea if they would fit in the space available.
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 Oletimer (07 Dec 2019 : 08:06)
Sat Dec 07 2019, 08:18am
Member No: #54905
Joined: Oct 25 2019
Location: West Midlands
Thank you, that answers a couple of questions for me.
It's a pity because my tailgate weighs a ton (should these struts assist in any way?)
The fittings on the back are so poorly made - that number plate light cover plastic trim is only hanging on by the skin of it's teeth. And the lock activator is also not fixed very well - good car built to fall apart.

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