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Rear wiper relay?

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Wed Dec 04 2019, 12:36pm
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Hi all.

Having a problem with my rear wiper. Out of nowhere it just decided to turn itself on and has stayed on ever since. This happened during a long journey back on the M4. The washer fluid works as it should. It's just the rear wiper blade is constantly on. If i turn the back window heater on, the wiper blade increases in speed too, so i'm guessing it's a relay? But as always, Citroen's handbook doesn't list relays. Just a general fuse layout.

I disconnected the lead at the back for now (so have no 3rd brake light and can't open my boot either). If anyone can confirm if this sounds like a relay?, i'd appreciate if you could say which one and where it's located (glovebox, engine bay).

Tue Dec 17 2019, 08:29am
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Joined: Dec 02 2019
Location: Ipswich
Modern cars use relays less, they control things like wipers directly from the BSI computer.

Your fault could be either the control stalk, the wiring to the bootlid where it hinges (I can't recall what that is like on a C4) or the BSI itself. Ideally you should connect a laptop running diagbox to see if the BSI is trying to activate the wiper or not.

Coincidentally I also own a 1991 205 and a 2008 C4, I've just been working on the rear wiper on my 205 which is much simpler to fix!

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