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C4 Picasso Exclusive Air Suspension Fault

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Sat Nov 30 2019, 03:31am
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Joined: Nov 30 2019
Location: Plymouth
First Post so I apologise if this is going over old ground but I have looked at previous posts and cannot find the info I need.'

Right, m long story short I have had a problem with the suspension which would sink overnight and sometimes on a journey.
I have just replaced the bags, and using the switches in the boot managed to empty the old bags and replace relatively easy. I have now finished and have pressed the OFF button to reactivate the suspension and it will not reactivate.
So to light is remaining ON on the deactivation switch and the UP/DOWN switch will not work.

My question is does anyone know what parameters must be met to reactivate the suspension? ie does the car need to be at the uppermost or lowest position to reactivate? is there something i'm not doing correctly? I'm Stuck!

For information the car knows when it is at uppermost/lowest positions as it give me the different picture on the dash with the 5mph warning.

Is it likely a dodgy/tempramental compressor on top of the bags?
How can i test the compressor?

Any other potential reasons why this would happen?

Any help would be much appreciated as this is my other halfs daily driver and with a 4 year old and a 2 year old she is desperate to get her wheels back.

Thanks in advance.
Fri Jan 10 2020, 12:36am
Member No: #47272
Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
If you know somebody with Diagbox, they can clear any fault codes and reinflate your suspension. I had a similar problem and came to the conclusion that the compressor was on the way out so I did the coil spring conversion. A new compressor from the dealer is the thick end of £1,000.
Fri Feb 21 2020, 07:15am
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Joined: Jan 14 2020
Location: IRELAND
Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread but I'm looking for a little advice.
Right hand air bag for the suspension burst. I ordered ones from mr auto ( - Click Here - ).
I couldn't remove the air pipe from the old bag so I cut it - Have I made a fatal mistake?
I have pushed the pipe into the new bag and though it did go in quite easily and seems secure, when I inflate the bag using Diagbox it starts leak - I can hear the air coming out and when I feel it, it's coming from that point.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you
Sat Feb 22 2020, 02:52am
Member No: #47272
Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
The connection is a quick release and works on the same principle as the air hoses on a compressor. It sound like you haven't refitted the pipe quite right. Try refitting the pipe again.

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