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Grand Picasso Boot Striker Plate

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Thu Nov 28 2019, 03:06pm
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We are having problems closing and keeping closed the boot which is quite scary with dogs in the boot ( not now we know it can happen and are on the lookout for it) but the boot Striker plate moves all over the place forwards, backwards left and right and we have to place it just so, to get the lock to strike it correctly and lock to the boot, can anyone tell me how to get at the striker plate so that I can tighten up what needs to be tightened or get a new (second hand) one and replace it.
the trim that hides it, does that just pull off?
Fri Nov 29 2019, 07:21am
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Joined: Nov 28 2019
Location: Lincolnshire
For those that are or will be interested in getting at your boot striker plate you need to remove the plastic trim that covers it (and runs along the full width of the boot floor) here is what you need to do: -

• Lift up the two rear seats
• using a torch to find them, in the wells that the seats sit in there are 4 Torx screws holding the plastic trim down - remove these
• using a pry tool, there are then four clips holding the flat part of the trim to the boot entrance.
• your striker plate is held with two Torx screws, I had to pull my striker plate all the way towards the back and tighten them down tight so my door would catch and close every time.
• rebuild your car

total time 30 minutes

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