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Grand C4 1.6 VTR coolant bleed valves

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Sat Nov 23 2019, 11:53am
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Joined: Feb 18 2015
Location: London
Hi everyone,
I stupidly topped up my coolant with the wrong type, so decided to drain my coolant system and replace. Draining went well, but having a problem with top up, used guides on here, all good, except cooling fan not coming on, coolant level is now stable, and getting heat from vents internally.
Only issue I can think of is, I can only find one bleed vent ,(on bulkhead behind engine) so perhaps locating other bleed valve may help. I just can't locate it!
I read it was on thermostat system.
Am I being a bit dense?
Many thanks
Sat Nov 23 2019, 01:36pm
Member No: #30055
Joined: Apr 02 2013
Location: Bolton
I presume you mean the engine radiator fan is not coming on?

In this cool weather it could take longer than you think for the engine to get really hot enough for the fan to kick in from cold, probably 15 mins+, let the engine idle for longer and keep an eye on the temp guage.

If you getting heat from the cabin heater, you probably don't have an airlock.

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