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Dash board air freshener

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Sun Nov 17 2019, 02:03pm
Member No: #54545
Joined: Sep 03 2019
Location: South wales
Hi I have the air freshener that screws in to dash just below top screen. Any tips on refiling it ,or purchasing original. Any help would be appreciated.
Mon Nov 18 2019, 04:37am
Member No: #16299
Joined: Nov 09 2010
Location: Essex
Do not bother, not worth money. Use a normal car air fresher.
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 Westentertainer (18 Nov 2019 : 16:58)
Mon Nov 18 2019, 04:45am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
You can get the refill sticks from dealers or I suspect Ebay. Not cheap though.

If you take the device out and pull it apart - pull twist and wiggle, no tools needed - you get to a sort of fibrous 'stick'. If you stand that in a little jar with about 1 cm of something smelly and spirit based (someone gave me some woodland after shave a few years back, never use after shave - does anybody these days? - , put lid on, leave for an hour it absorbs up the stem, reassemble. Lasted 4-6 weeks.

But is it worth the bother? I'm sure they were only invented to give us a reason to keep coming back to dealer and be tempted by shiny new things. After the first 2 goes I got bored. Better to be un-smelly than to mask smell.
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 Westentertainer (18 Nov 2019 : 16:58)
Mon Nov 18 2019, 08:55am
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Joined: Nov 29 2015
Location: Cardiff
Do as Richard says, but if you get a bottle of refill oil for reed diffusers, (that's the stinky stuff that you put a bunch of sticks in), you could use that to replenish the car one. Amazon seems to be the cheapest.
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 Westentertainer (18 Nov 2019 : 16:58)

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