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Magical world!

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Sat Nov 02 2019, 10:12am
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Hello, I ’ve chased the world WIDE web in a search for some questions for my magical C4 coupe vts ‘05 RHR 2.0hdi with no joy so I’m hoping that I may find some answers from someone who went through all that already Magical, why? Cut the long story short, I’ve bought this car for £150! Guy was fed up fixing it and wanted to scrap it as it was faulty. I don’t usually go for french brands (no offence) because I find the unreliable-but! The car is in immaculate condition, fully loaded with only 63k full service and repair history and engine in good knocking order therefore I’taught I’ll take my chances and see what I can do to get it working. locking system don’t work so I run diagnostic to find out that the driver door lock is not responding so the only way to get this sensor sorted out is to replace it (whole locking mechanism) which I did but no joy still the same, I’ve to also mention that when I remove the key from the ignition now the power in whole car disappears- no radio, interior lighting nothing however when I insert the key into ignition I can freely operate the locking system from inside after replacement of the lock using button on the dashboard, strange? The only thing that was stopping power to get to body systems is BSI unit so I thought I’ll get it checked, I shipped it to Rolling motion which specialise in these units and got it back faultless? Put it back still the same. Now I’m not sure if I should try to source second hand BSI; Virginise it and get it programmed as mine my be faulty and can not be traced by technician due to broken bord or something? Any answers are welcome.

I’ve few other issues with it but I’ll do it In different posts.


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