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Airco Dillema?

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Thu Oct 24 2019, 01:22pm
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Joined: Oct 24 2019
Location: Amsterdam
On my recently purchased C4 II 1.6 88/120 I've went to a garage to get the Airco refilled as it was not working.
After the refill they ran a "quick test" by blowing the airco on max and as it turns out the garage folks said the compressor is broken - quoting "There is no click sound - means the compressor is dead".
The system is fully filled now, however that judgment was made immediately - without further testing and checking power/electric/fuses/sensors.

I've wanted to ask y'all esteemed C4 owners and seek your wisdom what would be the logical sequence of testing out things bits and pieces to eliminate issues before ordering a replacement compressor?

After doing some research I'm thinking to check/replace both fuses in both fuses boxes (interior/battery) and also try to swap the AV Pressure sensor to see if that would make a difference.

One thing i've noticed is that when I turn on the rear window heater - almost immediately turns on, that pulls me towards an electric failure.
I've created a video of how that looks https://imgur.com/76xfQH8

What would be your take on this?

Thu Oct 24 2019, 01:48pm
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Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I think it's always best to get a second opinion . . I don't think modern air cons have that "click" now, I cant recall hearing it, like I use to on my other Citroens

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