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Wed Oct 23 2019, 03:58pm
Hi all, I am new on here and hope sincerely someone can help.
My poor C4 picasso had blocked scuttle drains which I found and dealt with.
How do i remove the seats and carpets? Do I need any special tools to remove the door post panels to get the carpets out? Unfortunately there is so much water under the carpet it is effecting several electric functions so got to start to act quickly.
Several people think it is a massive job, is it as bad as that?
Really grateful for any advice dont want to break or damage anything.
Many thanks
Thu Oct 24 2019, 03:22am
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I can't offer any info on your problem but you should remove your email address as your user name. This is an open forum and you could lay yourself open to spam.
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  (24 Oct 2019 : 15:08)

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