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C4 Picasso 2014 rear windows sunshade catalogue number?

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Tue Oct 22 2019, 02:58am
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Joined: May 01 2019
Location: Slavonski Brod, Croatia
My child broke the one of the 2 plastic "pins" that hold up the sunshade on top. The original sunshade that rolls from the door. Can anyone help me find the catalogue number so I can look up if I could find the part online?

Here is the picture of the sunshade,

Thank you!
Tue Oct 22 2019, 04:36am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
The service citroen website shows it as a complete assembly - roller, blind and clip all in one. No separate part number for the broken piece.

SUN BLIND LEFT: 16 096 746 80
SUN BLIND RIGHT: 16 096 745 80

Unless the part is easily to get and fit, I would have a go at fixing it myself, it can't make it worse. It's c. 3mm diameter but that is not critical, the thing it sits in is a bit bigger.

I would break off whats left, use a pointy-thing to make a centre indentation then carefully drill through with a 2.5mm bit. Either go to half way, or if its going well drill all the way through including removing the other pin.

Then you need to find something the right size, either some steel or brass rod if you have a box of bits, a length of knitting needle or cut a straight bit out of a wire coat hanger - easily done with pliers and a bit of rapid bending if you don't have proper cutters. Or just leave the drill bit in if its not too long.

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 Motorbreath (22 Oct 2019 : 04:42)
Tue Oct 22 2019, 04:42am
Member No: #53632
Joined: May 01 2019
Location: Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Thank you for the kind advice, I will go and fix it myself...
Tue Oct 22 2019, 04:30pm
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Just looking at this post my first thought was the pin of a "Pop Rivet"

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