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Fri Oct 18 2019, 09:32am
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Joined: Mar 25 2019
Location: Medway
Turning the heater on full the other night, the passenger side was nice and toasty but the driver's side was not even warm, (the air con works just fine) , but it's heat I need cos now winter's coming I want to keep warm as well!
Any idea's anyone ??
thanks in advance
regards John..
Fri Oct 18 2019, 10:58am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
You might find a few things in the B78 problems and issues part of the forum.

The climate control includes stepper motors that control flaps* in various ducts which blend and distribute air, most likely but not certainly one of these has failed, a common problem on some models (I had a C5, very common on those).

Maybe get it all going and use the control panel to send air to the screen. vents and footwells in turn and try to work out what specifically isn't working (e.g no heat at all to drivers side, no heat to footwell, no heat to .....).

Parts are not too expensive but getting at the xxxx things can be difficult. 2016 - still in warranty? Guess not if its an Excl they were superseded in early 16 but you might be lucky.

* on my '67 Hillman HUnter you tugged a lever which pulled a cable which moved an arm connected to a flap, its all got a bit too complicated since.
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