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Crazy Sensor Lights and other problems after Battery Re-charge

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Mon Sep 30 2019, 12:41pm
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Joined: Dec 18 2012
Location: South Wales
Hi Everyone,

I have recently bought a 2007 C4 Picasso Exclusive, 2.0l petrol automatic. When the car arrived it was not MOT'd due to problem with pneumatic rear suspension. I had a local garage to convert the suspension to coil springs and to MOT the car. Everything went fine but I was left with a display warning of "suspension fault" which I intended to have removed by my local Citroen Dealer. I left the car on the drive then for a couple of weeks without driving it with a view to taxing and insuring it on the 1st of the next month. Unfortunately when I then next tried to start the car the battery was completely dead - just a clicking sound on trying to start the car. I took the battery off the car and charged it to 100% overnight on an "intelligent" charger. I refitted the battery and started the car which started fine but after about 20 secs the revs dropped to circa 500 revs/m and the car started to idle very roughly as if about to stall plus I had Electronic Handbrake, ESP, ESR and Remote Battery Low and Service Warning Lights come on. Tried revving car and driving it around our estate in case it was damp but the car would not even pull up the slightest incline. I managed to get the car back in my drive and turned engine off with a view to taking it to a local garage for a diagnostic.
About 45 mins later I decided to try the car again and lo and behold everything had gone back to normal - no warning lights except the expect suspension fault and the car drove totally normally except for one or two slight misses.
I decided to take the car to the local diagnostic this morning anyway to have any faults cleared. The car drove perfectly normally from the house to the garage - no effects of damp as the car had stood overnight. I went to collect it this evening and was advised a couple of faults needed clearing which had been done. I jumped in the car and went to drive off the forecourt and 15 second down the road (although the car appeared to be pulling normally) the dashboard was like Blackpool Illumination with warning lights - including all those which had previously lit up the day before but also now was a speed sensor warning and an engine warning light, In addition the gearbox would not operate automatically and I could only manually operate the gearbox on the paddles up to third gear and the car would not enter 4th manually at all.
Anyone please please got any idea what the hell has/is happening - any help greatly appreciated.

Tue Oct 01 2019, 12:04pm
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
What fault codes did the garage clear?

There was obviously a/several faults as it went into limp mode & you can't just clear faults without fixing the issue - as you've discovered

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