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C4 Hatch 63 plate.

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Fri Sep 27 2019, 07:18am
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Joined: Sep 27 2019
Location: West Midlands
Hello. Just purchased a C4 from a non Citroen dealer. The car is pretty much in mint condition and covered 33k. It has minor and very annoying problem. When accelerating through 1st to 3rd gear and when the clutch is fully released there is a brief high pitched squeak. This happens constantly when just after engaging 2nd, release clutch, cue brief squeak. Sometimes happens in 1st and 3nd too. The car is operating fine and there is no clutch slippage. Took it back to the dealer who hadn’t a clue and they referred to a Citroen dealer for advice who mentioned that it was a common but yet unresolved fault ? Just touching base here to see if anyone has had similar issues as I need to put this to bed under the purchase warranty. Any advice would be appreciated.

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