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Michelin Crossclimate tyres on a Picasso

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Sun Oct 20 2019, 02:56pm

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I've used Black Circles many times - they are great for tyres which are not bog standard.

The other source of discounted tyres is Costco, especially if you want Michelins. You need to be a Costco member though.
Mon Oct 21 2019, 09:18am
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Blackcircles is a good start to get comparison price. They, and most of the major retailers, let you order online 48 hours in advance and book a fitting slot. It means they don't have to keep loads of stock all round the country and the prices are much better than "walk up" prices. You often get additional discount for ordering 2 or 4.

Lots of reviews out there, many subjective, tyrereviews.co.uk bring many together including the excellent ADAC and Auto Bild (German) tests which are proper tests not just user reviews.

Conditions differ, some parts of Germany get very cold winters and having a winter/summer set is commonplace: tests don't rate all season tyres that well in relation to winters or summers that they benchmark against, not many in the UK run 2 sets, our conditions are different.

"Once upon a time" we all relied on Dunlop or Avon, maybe Goodyear and Firestone, made in the UK, risking perhaps those funny foreign names like Michelin or Pirelli. My first Michelins were a set of ZX on my Hillman Hunter, exotic back the, what's wrong with the crossply C41s it came on? (Lots....).

No we have all those and global brands like Falken which seemed unfamiliar a few years back but are now definitely mainstream quality tyres priced a bit below some. I ran them on my SAAB happily. Not sure I would risk "Joy Road" or "Landsail" and suchlike at about half the price of mainstream brands but who knows, they might be fine. They must all have European certification to be allowed in.

So you can (normally) get what you want with a few days notice.

Wed Oct 23 2019, 01:22pm
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After the awful noise generated by 'Tyre Stepping' on the rear tyres using Avon ZZ5's, I looked around for a replacement that could be quieter and give good value for money.

The car came with Michelins which lasted 17,000 miles on the front and 32,000miles on the rear. The Avons, lasted around the same mileage.

The Avons cost around £105 / tyre, Michelin CC are around £159 / tyre.

But I opted for Tigar @ just over £50 / tyre.

Tigar are owned by Michelin and are available from ATS Euromaster, who are also owned by Michelin, as are Black Circles.

ATS are offering 10% off everything at the moment, but they also offer to people over 60 years old, discounts with the CLUB60 membership, which is free.

So, for £50 a tyre, I wouldn't expect them to last as long as, but if I get 10,000 from the fronts, I'd be quids in. Another bonus would be if I wrecked a tyre, I wouldn't be shelling out £159 for a replacement.

I'll report back on wear rate within a year.

Tyre info below

- Click Here -
Thu Oct 24 2019, 11:57am
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I found the garage in Enniskillen which have my size of tires the cheapest look good spec for the price - Click Here -

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