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Boot shut protector

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Sat Sep 21 2019, 01:43pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2019
Location: Kent

As above really, can anyone recommend a boot shut protector? The wife will be lifting a pram in and out so don't want the painted bumper to get scratched.

Tried the usual Ebay search but its slim picking for the new shape unless you want to spend £60 on one.

Thanks Joe
Sun Sep 22 2019, 03:54am
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Joined: Nov 29 2015
Location: Cardiff
Buy a mat or a couple of bath mats, put on the boot floor upside down, hanging out of the boot over the bumper. Once the pram is in, roll up the overhang and shut the boot.

Or Google 'boot bumper protector' loads on there
Sun Sep 22 2019, 05:02am
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Location: Cambridge
Had a proper one once in a company Volvo. Based on that, this is what I do now. No need to buy 'spacial thing'

Use an old piece of tarp or old groundsheet or ....? long enough to be full width of boot floor and wide enough to hang over the bumper.

Use 'gaffer tape' to fasten one edge all along the bottom rear edge of the floor/spare wheel cover. If you don't fasten it somehow it gets to be a nuisance especially if its windy.

When you want it, lift boot floor and pull it out - it sits on top of boot floor and can be hung over bumper, no need to put it away ever but if you really don't want it it can go back and live entirely hidden in the spare wheel compartment.
Sun Sep 22 2019, 05:50am
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Although I have not used on my present car I found the "Bailing Tape" was very good. you can cut it to your size and shape. if case somebody does not know it is, it's used by farmers to secure bales of hay which is stored black plastic sheets. The tape has multi uses as it is weatherproof I have used it on my plastic roof downspout when it was cracked (it is 3-4 inc wide)
Mon Sep 23 2019, 03:53pm
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Joined: Sep 21 2019
Location: Kent
Thanks for the replies, the tape sounds about right for what I’m after. I just want something permanently on the top ledge of the bumper that looks like it’s half meant to be there and can be cheaply and easily replaced if it gets ruined.
Tue Sep 24 2019, 07:32am
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Location: Cardiff
Well there are these flaps - Click Here -

Or there is film - Click Here -

And then there are these that are made specifically for the car - Click Here -

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