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Car stutters after EGR change

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Wed Sep 11 2019, 07:31pm
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The car in question: C4 1.6HDi fap 110hp 2005, engine code 9HZ.

Had my car in for vehicle inspection and they told me I had some fault codes relating to the egr valve, it passed but I decided it was best to change it since the car has done 137k miles.

Took the old one out, it looked worn and sooty but nothing to extreme, swapped it with a "stark" branded aftermarket egr with a new seal.

Couldn't refit the clamp between so I tried my luck and fitted a universal screw hose clamp between egr and cooler.

Reassembled everything and it drove much better than before in terms of throttle response but the car started "stuttering" and "bumping" especially when holding the rpm constant while driving above 20mph.

Also I could smell some form of strange exhaust-like smell from inside the cabin.

Drove it for around 60 miles then I dismantled everything again, the new egr looks very sooty for it's short use but I could see that it had been leaking from my makeshift clamp (stupid me).

Got the original clamp for £18, fitted it and it doesn't seem to leak anymore, as there is no soot along the new clamp.

But the car still "stutters" and "jumps", after the proper clamp was fitted so it must be something else?

The car is drivable and when it starts "acting up" if I put my foot down the turbo response is good and the stutters go away during acceleration. I am completely clueless what it could be or if its something I've missed when fitting the new egr?

Best regards,
Thu Sep 12 2019, 06:09am

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Seems like there is still an air leak.....
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 SwedishHamster (14 Sep 2019 : 14:13)

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