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Wheel and tyre sizes

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Mon Sep 09 2019, 03:51am
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Hi All,

I am looking to get a second set of wheels and winter tyres for my grand Picasso, mine is the 2.0 diesel and has 225 / 45 / 18 fitted at the moment most of the companies offering steel wheel and tyre packages are only offering 16 inch rims for my reg can any body advise if 201/ 60/16 will fit my car and was this size a factory option on some models?

(seem to have lost my handbook so cannot check.)

Mon Sep 09 2019, 05:13am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
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Handy calculator here, you can put in sizes and it will give you rolling circumference which will tell you if its a reasonable swap and if the speedometer will be accurate enough - though I'm sure it can be reset in the software.

- Click Here -

You need to worry about the offset (where the wheel center line lies in relation to the 'face' where it attaches to the hub) and on some cars whether there is room for the brakes - I had a SAAB where you couldn't fit smaller diameter rims to them all because the discs on the faster ones were bigger than on the others.

Not sure if the 2.0 pics had bigger brakes than the others.

You can get a handbook* as a pdf for free here:

- Click Here -

Select range then body shape and then year from the dropdowns. Top right you can even make it speak English but it might know already from your ip. Bon, comme ils dits.

(notice no www. in the address)

*I sometimes wonder where mine is until I remember that there is a special place under the steering column for it - at least in my un-grand one. Keeping the pdf on my phone seems easier.
Mon Sep 09 2019, 06:32am
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Joined: Oct 08 2011
Location: london
What reg is your car?
I had 15 reg which had 205 55 17 (at one point I had 205 45 17 on them, but was so narrow for road bumps etc it kept hitting it don’t like these low profile tyres) then I changed them to 215 55 17 to save the alloys from kerb damages
And now my 17 reg same car has same size as your current tyres.
If the wheels fit as per previous reply then as long as it’s not too narrow then you should be fine, low profile causes a lot of issues as the car is narrow itself, but 60 is good profile.
Mon Sep 09 2019, 08:04am
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This is a problem so many options I will be replacing mine before the end of the year and so many sizes to choose from it is bad enough choosing makes and Tread and if you do search for tires different companies give you different sizes

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