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Some info on what C4 Grand Picasso to buy

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Wed Sep 04 2019, 11:27am
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Joined: Sep 03 2019
Location: South wales
Hi I’m ready to purchase a Grand C4, but unsure what model to go for as never owned a Citroen before. I’m looking for a 14, 15, 16 year. I would like the following
Front parking sensors
Message front seats
Parking assist

Oh and there’s one thing I can understand, I see lots of cars for sale but the speedo clocks are black and white as if they’ve been drawn by a child. So is every C4 able to have coloured themes.
Wed Sep 04 2019, 01:03pm

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Location: Cambridgeshire

The main display depends on the model you are buying; at that age VTR, VTR+ and Selection have the monochrome display you describe with the Exclusive and Exclusive+ have the colour display.

If you want the massage seats and Park Assist then it’s only Exclusive+ park assist is a bit of a curio but incredibly slow so something to use once for a laugh but you probably wouldn’t use it again.
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