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Dash Light and Cent auto Locking Ad blue?

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Sun Aug 11 2019, 04:41am
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Joined: Apr 02 2019
Location: Lincolnshire
As I start my C4 Diesel 2014 Picasso for the first time each day I notice the drivers airbag light takes about 400 yards to go out and the auto locking has stopped working for about the same distance b4 it licks i despite travelling well over 6MPH

Also where do I put the ad blue if it needs it? Only bought this in Jan so far so good
Sun Aug 11 2019, 05:09am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
Is it the driver's airbag warning or the passenger seat light? That is the one which usually stays on for a short while after starting. It actually indicates that the passenger airbag is switched on and should activate in the event of a crash.

I don't like auto locking so mine is disabled. Not sure whether activation is time or speed related.

Adblue varies according to model and year. On most cars the filler is under the boot floor. This applies to 5 seat and 7 seat cars; in the 7 seater you have to lift the 3rd row driver's side seat. Capacity is 17L, and you should add at least 5L for the system to recognise the addition.

On much later cars the Adblue filler us under the fuel filler cap.
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 paul_skinbach (21 Aug 2019 : 01:23)
Wed Aug 21 2019, 01:30am
Member No: #53445
Joined: Apr 02 2019
Location: Lincolnshire
sorry only just seen this had no notification cheers. It is airbag warning light orange bottom right of the screen. Last night filled up with diesel and noticed screen feint for about a mile then ping, it went back to normal. Got home my screen went blank just after reversing up the drive (only does it in reverse and no camera ). Hope it works today.

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