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Wheel question

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Sat Aug 10 2019, 04:42am
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Joined: Aug 02 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Question: I don't have a spare tyre in my C4GP, what would everyone recommend? Should I buy an old alloy wheel and keep that in the car, or purchase a puncture repair kit?

Also, question: what on Earth are these wheel nuts and how do I remove them?

Sat Aug 10 2019, 05:44am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
Buying a spare alloy is the simple way. Many of the Citroen/Peugeot wheels will fit, but please be aware that the new C4 Grand Picasso uses 5 stud wheels and are not compatible. There are loads on ebay. You can buy a puncture repair kit, but they is only suitable for small punctures. I have a pack of screw-in puncture sealers, also suitable for nail punctures. The advantage of these is that they will not ruin the tyre for a potential permanent repair.

What you see in the photo above are not wheel nuts, they are chromed plastic wheel nut covers. Underneath are the wheel nuts, one of which should be the locking nut. Citroen supply a removal tool, which should be in the toolkit (if you have one). They are yellow plastic. Other than that, long-nose pliers are the choice. They simply pull off.
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 SlightlyCrusty (10 Aug 2019 : 07:09)
Sat Aug 10 2019, 07:28am
Member No: #54326
Joined: Aug 02 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Oh, excellent. I'll probably buy a spare alloy wheel from eBay in that case. And, thank you - they are only on 1 wheel so I had no idea what they were!
Wed Aug 14 2019, 07:08am

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Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
Before you buy a spare wheel, measure the width of the tyre and visualise how much boot space it will take up. The usual alternative to the useless repair kit is a skinny spacesaver wheel. Which would be on a steel rim.

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