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Fri Aug 02 2019, 07:17am
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Joined: Aug 02 2019
Location: United Kingdom
Hi all.

This is my first time ever on a car forum (so be gentle.).

I have recently bought a used 2007 C4GP. Needed the larger space for wheelchairs and all other sorts of stuff. Car was just over £1000 when I bought it and has an MOT until Spring - perfect! Two injectors needed replacing but I was told that by the (somewhat) trustworthy car salesman!

Took it to the garage today and it - the engine - has been fixed, but the mechanic said that this car is in "the top 5 cars for problems and headaches" and to go careful with French cars older than 3/5 years.

Is this true? Should I sell it whilst I can and run for the hills? Can someone with a C4GP give me some glimmer of hope that I haven't just flushed £1000+ down a metaphorical toilet?
Fri Aug 02 2019, 08:25am
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Joined: Nov 09 2010
Location: Essex
Rubbish! 135K miles on mine drives and looks new, Look after a car any car and it will last. Treat any car badly and they will fail, Nothing to do with being french. Never failed an MOT. Serviced every year oil changed twice a year.
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 SlightlyCrusty (02 Aug 2019 : 10:24)
Fri Aug 02 2019, 08:58am
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I think the mechanics / Garages who dislike French cars don't have the equipment or tools to fix or repair french cars. But to be fair why should they invest in equipment for the odd one or two french cars they may be asked to repair That's why it's always best to find a dealer or french car specialist.
My last 5 cars have been Citroens 2 Berlingo's and 3 Grand Picassos none have had major problems other than some minor problems albeit some expensive and not essential to repair.
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 SlightlyCrusty (02 Aug 2019 : 10:24)
Fri Aug 02 2019, 09:36am

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Location: Hoylake
[%*^#@!]. I had two C4s and over some 12 years and the best part of 180,000 miles I never had any breakdown or an unscheduled visit to a garage.

Avoid a mechanic who harbours such prejudices.
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 SlightlyCrusty (02 Aug 2019 : 10:24)

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