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The Curious Case of the Missing Fusebox

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Mon Jul 29 2019, 04:54pm
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Hi all, so I recently purchased my first car, a silver Citroen C4 Cachet 2008 model, 5 door, however I was warned on buying that the radio didn't work - which turned out to be untrue as the radio works fine (displays, tunes, etc) - it's the speakers that are at fault however, as they just make no sound whatsoever.

So before buying a new radio, as I was advised to do by the previous owner, I thought I'd look at the fuses to exclude the easiest/cheapest potential problem first. Consulting the owners manual led me to the fuse board in the glovebox, behind a panel, however the fuse I'm after for the Hi-fi Amplifier (F36) is supposedly on another, smaller fusebox with only 3 fuses, supposedly found somewhere in there too, however for the life of me I can't find it.

I found a guy on YouTube showing his way around the fuses, however he doesn't point out what I'm looking for, with some people in the comments saying they can't find these ones either - but no one's given an answer, other than one saying it's in there 'to the side'. Please see below said YouTube video, and the incredibly vague location/diagram given in the shockingly unhelpful owners manual.

I've done my googling, and toured these forums trying to find further info, if someone could offer some direction that would be great.

Thank you,
- Aleks


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