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Help EGS box problem.

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Sun Jul 28 2019, 03:19pm
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Joined: Jul 28 2019
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HI all,

Right I will start with what has happened.
I was driving along and the car went to change gear on a hill and it just failed and the clutch went which is what I thought, at this point you could still go thro the gears but the car wouldn't move.

I got the car back and tried to do the usual on diagbox before you take off gearbox with the procedures.

They all failed and it wouldn't drain the fluid back

I took out the engine and took the box off.

the DMF has totally seized round and couldn't get to the bolts so that had to be cut off.. the CSC has totally fallen apart and the clutch was well I wont even go there, but you could select the gears s

I got a new CSC Flywheel and Clutch. stuck it all back together the only thing that was odd was the clutch was a LUK and the Flyhweel was a SACHS,
but I was told from GSF and Euro this don't matter at all.

Anyway I have stuck it all back together the car starts but will not select any gears at all.

and the only code there is


I have tried to bleed the system and it fails
I have tried to learn the gears and it fails

Anyone got any ideas on where to start.

Personally I was to just smash the thing up...


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