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C4 2007 1.6 HDI EGS gearbox problems.

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Sat Jul 27 2019, 06:35am
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Joined: Jan 07 2018
Location: Anderstorp
My first post here. I have a 2007 C4 that has done about 240.000km.
I have had some problems with the gearbox, sometimes a message that says gearbox faulty. This has happened a couple of times the last year. The only result has been that the cruise control stops working.

A couple of days ago the car suddenly refused to shift gears and where stuck in neutral. I had to leave it and returned the next day. At first it still refused to shift, but suddenly it started to work. I could drive home whithout any problems. When I parked the car it again was stuck in neutral. Restarting the car helped, but just momentarily.

I read somewhere that it could be the oil level for the actuator. I checked the level and the container was almost full. Just to be sure removed the lid and checked with a stick that there really was oil there.

Now the car won't start.

According to the forum I guess that the hydraulic system need to be pressurized.
When I run diagbox it says that the gearbox ECU can not be recognised, and pressurizing the system fails. After clearing fault codes I now have P0948 left, and I guess that it's because I have not managed to pressurize the system.
Is the ECU toasted och is it just problems with the software I have (Diagbox V07.82)?
Right now I'm stuck and out of ideas.
Sun Jul 28 2019, 07:39am
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Click the red text for P0948 & start there
Thu Aug 01 2019, 06:48am
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Joined: Jan 07 2018
Location: Anderstorp
The problem must be electrical because the gearbox works perfectly whith no issues and then just quit with no mechanical noise or audible issues.

I finally got Lexia working.
I ran a global diagnosis test and thought that I would be able to find the gearbox, but all I found was this:

Something must be wrong.
Sun Aug 25 2019, 04:42pm
Member No: #50206
Joined: Jan 07 2018
Location: Anderstorp
Some slight improvements:
The motor for the hydraulic pump was broken. The transistor that controls the motor (In the ECU) was also broken.
I have now changed them both. The pump works and the gearbox goes to neutral, so I can start the engine.
But it will not go into any gears.
Now I have two error codes on the gearbox ECU, P0613 and P1394.
Perhaps it is just some voltage missing after I have been pulling in all the cables?

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