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Engine fault and or Battery fault ?

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Mon Jul 08 2019, 01:59pm
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Joined: Aug 03 2011
Location: Lancashire.
Hi folks .... Recently I am getting an "Entering Economy Mode" message, prior to starting, followed by "Engine Fault - Repair needed" message (multi-function display) along with 3 beeps immediately after starting and the engine warning lamp stays on. My question is are the 3 beeps indicating a specific fault, either related to economy mode, or some other completely different fault, such as a failing battery ? The car is a 2011 DS4 2.0 Hdi , almost 8 years old still with original battery.
Also can somebody please confirm the original Ah spec for the original fit battery.....60Ah or greater ?
Thanks in advance.
Mon Jul 08 2019, 03:44pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Economy mode is to stop the battery discharging to the point the car won't start.

A knackered battery will cause all sorts of issues. Get it replaced & see if the error goes away. It's a cheap fix. The CCA & Ah will be written on the battery but as a 2l HDi it'll be bigger than 60.

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