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C4 1.6 NA petrol - interior heater blowing cool air.

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Sat Jul 06 2019, 10:59am
Member No: #53923
Joined: Jun 12 2019
Location: Perth Australia
Partner and I just bought a 2012 C4 B7 NA 1.6 petrol. It throws very little heat from the heater.

Fan control is variable speed and blows perfectly fine. Temp control knob (non climate control) definately works between hot and cold. Air con works perfectly.

I pulled it apart this afternoon. Tried something different as the coolant looks to be fairly new I didn't want to dump and waste.

I sucked the coolant from the matrix from the firewall inlet/outlet using a hand pump as initially I was going to remove the matrix from the car and didn't want to flood the interior.

Instead I pumped some alkaline salt radiator cleaner into the matrix and let it sit. Then flush with hose again (it appeared to run clear). Repeated process. Then pumped out tap water. Pumped in coolant. Replaced hoses and clips and started it up

After bleeding the air from the bleed valve and getting steady flow of coolant..replaced the cap and continued adding coolant.

Now there's a little more heat than before but I wouldn't say hot it's probably to the touch 24-25c... but with aircon on for demisting probably around 18-20c - cold enough for the gf to complain. Both inlet and outlet pipes into the matrix get hot to the touch touch ( removed the side panel from the passenger footwell.)

Could this require a matrix replacement or do you think there's another element that could be causing the low heat.

Interesting though. It came with a half a litre bottle of nulon coolant in the boot which makes me think it's either been replaced recently or it's been run low in the recent past.

I only sucked out about 150ml or coolant from the matrix. But on refilling.. I've used about 2l making me think it had air in the system that Ive now bled from the bleed valve.- could this have caused the initial problem? (Assume it's been running to temp but with no temp gauge difficult to say)

Any assistance. Advice is greatly appreciated before I go order a new matrix.
Mon Jul 08 2019, 09:54am
Member No: #53923
Joined: Jun 12 2019
Location: Perth Australia
So. Report back on the above fix. It's worked! We had to turn the heat down this afternoon.

Now I'm not sure if it was the clearing with the hose through the heater inlets or a proper clearing for any air in the system(or a combination) but it's worked.

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