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Map showed an unexpected speed limit

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Mon Jun 24 2019, 12:34pm
Member No: #42824
Joined: Nov 29 2015
Location: Cardiff
Coming home today on the A40 towards Brecon, the top screen map was showing the relevant speed limits for the road as usual, but at one change it showed 37mph as the speed limit and stayed like that until the next change to 40mph.

Oddly strange. Never seen it before, and it hasn't done it since. Should have taken a photo!!

I really must get round to updating the sat nav!
Mon Jun 24 2019, 03:17pm
Member No: #2617
Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
I had exactly the same with my 2014 C4GP occasionally. The speed limit would show as some really odd figure and not the usual one read from the navigation database. Usually I noticed it on a 60 mph A road and it would be showing 37mph or 42.

I put it down to a bug, as the following day it would be fine!
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 wunny (24 Jun 2019 : 15:47)
Mon Jun 24 2019, 03:48pm
Member No: #42824
Joined: Nov 29 2015
Location: Cardiff
I shall just ignore it then!
Tue Jun 25 2019, 04:52am
Member No: #49774
Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
Most of the time the speed limit recognition works really well however it does have glitches.

I was in a traffic jam on the M1 and the speed limit icon changed to 80mph!! I eventually realised that it had seen the speed limit sign on the back of the lorry (80kph) in front of me.

The varying speed signs over the M1 (aka Smart Motorway) are recongised my the car which is handy.

If the car uses a camera to recognise road signs, how come some roads still say the old speed? For example, a road near me changed from 60 to 30mph. The 30mph signs are up however the speed recognition system does not recognise them and still displays the old "60".

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