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electric handbrake motor

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Sat Jun 15 2019, 06:57am
Member No: #53933
Joined: Jun 14 2019
Location: Wigan
hi all... i have a c4gp 2007 1.8 petrol.... it failed mot on nsr handbrake insufficient.. so i turn off the handbrake, remove the rear caliper to check it and disconnect handbrake cable. the cable is really stiff inside so i squirt wd40 into it. then i thought id turn the handbrake on and off to free it, but like an idiot i didnt reconnect the cable to the caliper.. so i press the handbrake button the motor winds and then winds some more then clicks for a few seconds and stops. .i press again and the dash is array with flashing lights and errors (hand brake faulty, abs/ esp, etc... i get the little tool out, slot it in the motor and wind the cable back manually, now the manual says when its been wound back i should turn ignition off hold brake button for 5secs turn on ignition and itll reset but its not having any of it,,, does anyone have an ideas where i can go next, like is there a fuse for the motors or any sensors i can check?
Fri Jun 21 2019, 02:52am
Member No: #53933
Joined: Jun 14 2019
Location: Wigan
Just for the record I got a motor from eBay and problem solved
1 User said Thank You to Paulbru for this Post :
 Nickyc53 (23 May 2023 : 05:35)
Tue May 23 2023, 05:35am
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Joined: Jul 01 2011
Location: London
Paulbru wrote ...

Just for the record I got a motor from eBay and problem solved

Did you fit it yourself?

How did you disconnect the drive shaft to remove it?
Tue May 23 2023, 07:42am
Member No: #48843
Joined: Jul 06 2017
Location: Scotland
No driveshaft on the rear wheels

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