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Radar & Cruise Control

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Wed Jun 12 2019, 12:02pm
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Joined: Oct 09 2018
Location: Belgrade

I own a C4P Exclusive model from 2014 which has active cruise control. I have noticed that sometimes after cruise control is reactivated after being paused (either by braking or pressing pause the button) it can't detect if the vehicle in front is driving below 60km/h but just shows that it is running 60km/h and doesn't adjust the speed so I am forced to brake to avoid slamming into it. After turning the cruise control off and on again it works fine for a while until I pause it again. This seems to occur quite randomly.

Has anyone had this kind of an issue? Is there a way to fix it?

Thu Jun 20 2019, 07:59am
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Hi, not sure if it could be this but on the earlier radar active cruise system ( the one that does not use the brakes.) there is a limit to how much slower it will go as compared to the set speed, I think this is around 18MPH so if you have the cruise set at 80MPH it would only retard your speed to about 62MPH, Not sure if it then automatically shuts off or just continues at 62 regardless off vehicle in front slowing down. What speed was the cruise set at?

Thu Jun 20 2019, 10:45am
Member No: #52301
Joined: Oct 09 2018
Location: Belgrade
Mine does not use brakes...
It was set to 90km/h but it does retard until below 40kmh (which is minimum cruise speed) when it shuts off. But after it has been paused (e.g. when I press on the brake) it seems that it sometimes simply can't detect speeds below 60km/h (as far as I can tell it happens quite randomly)

BTW Now that you've mentioned it.. do you know if it is possible to upgrade the cruise system to the new one which uses brakes.


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