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Replacement Brake Bleed Nipples for Front Teves Calipers

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Fri May 24 2019, 04:39am
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For anyone with ATE/Teves Front Calipers, the ones with the pad spring clip that fits inside the caliper piston, correct size for the bleed nipple is M8 x1.25. 31.5mm length. Frentech and Brakes International both sell them. Teves are used on a lot of Berlingos, Picasso's, DS4 and later C4.

Frentech items appears to be zinc coated, Bremtech look to be electroless nickel. I'm guessing the electroless nickel will provide a longer life. The originals lasted almost 7 salted winter seasons. Thread where it goes into the caliper body was heavily corroded not helped by the small 9mm spanner hex that easily rounds off even when using best quality single hex tool.
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