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C4 Clutch

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Fri May 17 2019, 05:53am
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Location: Surrey
Have Semi-Auto 07 Grand C4P - 1.6HDI Model.
Local garage guy tells me the clutch has had it (gears are slipping etc and there is a burn smell also)....so i tend to agree with him...

He tells me though, it'll be c.10hrs labour plus parts (c.£300), all plus VAT - on that calculation it'll be c.£1000 to fix. Recently spent c.£1200 on various bits and am going to cut my losses and sell the car with the fault.

Shame really, its only done c.74k miles and we actually like the car...but i can't keep throwing good money after bad on this car....

So question is, is the mechanic right in what he said? Are there other options other than selling the car?

Can i get the clutch fixed for less?

I live in Surrey if that helps....

Thanks in advance

Fri May 17 2019, 10:45am
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Location: Hove
It might just need calibrating as the clutch isn't self adjusting. You could try the hard reset method first.

But if it is worn out, call your local Citroen dealer & ask about their fixed price repair for the clutch, it should be about 50% less than that.
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 pearsey99 (17 May 2019 : 14:11)
Fri May 17 2019, 01:45pm

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What Russell said.
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 pearsey99 (17 May 2019 : 14:11)

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